Distance/Correspondence MBA

Ipsita Sarkar Gupta | shiksha.com

Let us start this article with the simplest questions.

What is a Correspondence or Distance Learning MBA (Masters of Business Administration)?

As the name suggests, distance MBA programme is pursued via correspondence, i.e., remote communication between two parties. Education in this format focuses on imparting lessons to students, who are not physically present in a classroom.

Who should pursue it?

It is chiefly meant for people with limited time and resources. A working professional, fresh graduate, or stay-at-home mother – anyone interested in pursuing an MBA course can opt for it. All one requires is a bachelor’s degree, meeting the course eligibility criteria. Cost of the course is much less than regular or part-time MBA.

MBA is often deemed necessary to climb the ladders of corporate success. But, it is very difficult to juggle work, family and study. Hence, an effective hassle-free but quality management degree becomes essential. “Qualitative education is crucial. Correspondence courses are convenient for working executives. There is no financial instability for the candidate or the requirement for geographical relocation,” says, Anuradha Manjul, public relation officer, IIM Lucknow.

However, distance mode education requires dedication and disciple. Absence of regular or part-time classes can lead to distraction and students not taking up lessons properly.

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