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How to get faster and accurate support from helpdesk/ticket system?

This article does have many good suggestions for our Students to help them to get faster, accurate and timely support from our support system online via email. The important things are as follows:

1. Make sure to send email from registered email id only: Many time students manage more than one email id and when they need support they send many time emails from any email id of their choice. This creates confusions as well as security issues with the support system. Since as a student it is your duty to ensure that you send email from only that email id which is registered with us. You may request to update email id by phone before asking any support request from unknown email ids to us, since for us over the internet world first identification mark of customer is his/her email id only. 

2. Make sure to send one support ticket at a time: Many times student send more than one support ticket at same moment of time, it is highly recommended to send one support ticket at a time once that is resolved you can send further more issues one by one. This way it will help you as a customer as well to ensure that your every issue is being solved by our helpdesk system one by one as required.

3. Never send more than one ticket per issue: Many times students send more than one support ticket for the same issue concern, this not only degrade priority assigned to the customer in our helpdesk system but also it may create issues such as communication gap in between our team and you as a customer. Thus it is always recommended to student to not to send more than one issue per support ticket.

4. Make sure to reply back to the proper support ticket / email: Whenever we send a reply from our side to our customer from our helpdesk system our system sends an email for the reply back to the customer via email to his/her email id as required. You can reply back to ticket by logging into your helpdesk account from or alternatively you can reply back from your mailbox by simply sending a reply email to our reply, just in case you want to reply back to us. However, if you want to reply back to our email from your mailbox then make sure to not to edit the subject of the reply email which is auto generated subject of reply email by your mailbox system since it will help our helpdesk system to assign your reply to proper support ticket number as required in order to not to have any communication gap related issues.

By following the above noted few of the recommendations you can ensure faster, accurate and timelysupport as required from our helpdesk system. These recommendations are being given in the interest of our valued students since we are more than happy to offer required timely and accurate support to our students as required from our side.

We hope for your cooperation and understanding with above noted issues the next time you send a support ticket to our helpdesk system!

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